Sunday, February 18, 2018

Simms painted

Simms painted only a month or so late and the spokes suck, silver paint always suck to brush paint, paint and thinner did not like each other and went all globby, no idea what went wrong I blame that it was old stuff, ooh well at least there is some paint on it, still plenty to learn and it was a pain to paint, the spokes are just to thin for resin this way and a couple broke with just the pressure of the brush.

 ooh well thanks for watching 

Patrick Mondria

Monday, January 22, 2018

Anti tank Kübelwagens

These a a couple of Kubelwagens I have been toying with, to be far 2 have been on my desk for years and the X-7 version bit less but still months.

First of the erzats panzerjäger Kübelwagen mit panzerschrek, or something like that, sort of late war emergency conversion similar to the Borgward  B IV mit panzerschrek only on a Kübel. I have read a few notes that something like this was build but it easy could be wrong and it was nothing more that anti tank team being transported by car.
What I have done is make a mount for 3 panzerschreks with a blast protection shield mounted on it, for the driver there is a folding shield, smoke launchers on the nose, couple of ammo boxes in the back and of course the 2 crew members.

Next the Kübel with X-7 launcher on the back.
Simple sheet metal box with folding top and rear, that have been made to look similar to the normal top so it looks like a normal Kübel and keeps the missiles out of view and weather.
Still need to add a few things, a few smoke launchers, a normal off vehicle tripod and a few more things.

This 1 was build off leftover kübel parts.
Sort of a cheap armored car but don't really like it, so far I have shortened the chassis saves a bit of weight, sloped the sides, forgot the doors oops. I will probably cut down the rear make it lower and keep it open topped with a pintle MG instead of a turret

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Greetings Patrick Mondria 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Simms motor scout autocar finished

Took a bit longer then I wished but the Simms Motor scout autocar is done.

bit of background: 
Motor Scout was the first armed petrol engine powered vehicle ever built. It still had pedal power so making it a armed Spartamet.
Inventor F R Simms in build this machine in 1898, of course he was British as the Brits love these sort of weird stuff. He mounted a early Maxim, still with brass barrel above the front wheels of a quadricycle with its readily accessed 1,000 rounds of ammunition. The driver operated the machine gun. A gun shield was placed in front of the scout autocar for the drivers protection. A one and a half horsepower Simms' Patent Automatic Petrol Motor with Simms magneto-electric ignition was fitted and the standard tank carried enough fuel for 120 miles. The Motor Scout was convertible to a two-seated quadricycle. The quadricycle was also available without the gun for non-military purposes as a two-seated vehicle for £120.

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Patrick Mondria